One of the most significant investments you’ve ever made is your home, and with good cause too. You’ll want to keep everything operating safely and as it should be to protect your home at all costs and ensure that it’s a comfortable place for you and your family to live.

Electricity is one of the most crucial systems that keep homes operating out of all the other systems.

What would you do if your electrical system failed unexpectedly?

You could find it challenging to carry out the everyday rituals you’ve grown accustomed to without central heating and gadgets like refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions.

Your electric systems may develop problems gradually over time or suddenly. They nearly always take place when it is least convenient. Of course only electricians can help in this situation.

Professional electricians have the knowledge and safety training necessary to maintain the electrical system in your house in a safe operating state. It could be time to call Power Source Electrical if you’ve noticed any of the following errors or problems:

  • Your circuit breaker or RCD is tripping.
  • Flickering lights
  • When touched, switches and outlets feel warm.
  • Switches or sockets emit sparks or make crackling noises.
  • Overheated cables are odorless.

Keep in mind that electricity might be hazardous. Don’t attempt DIY repairs if you don’t need to. Call Power Source Electrical, your neighborhood electricians.

Have you lost power?

Power outages are really annoying.

You can be working on a crucial work paper or the second part of the season finale. Whether you’re on a Zoom call or putting the kettle on to boil, losing power can seriously interfere with your day. A power outage that solely affects your home could indicate that your electrical wiring needs to be repaired.

Have Any of Your Power Outlets Contacted Water?

Electricity and water are not a good combination. Never should they interact with one another. Make careful to cut off your electricity at the mains if any of your electrics have come into contact with water, whether due to a leak in your home or a domestic accident (if you can access them safely).

You should remove as many electrical devices as possible from the impacted area. You must follow the correct safety precautions as instructed by the professionals because water and electricity can start a fire and pose the risk of severely shocking you.

Damaged items will need to be examined, and your home’s wiring system will need to be evaluated, along with any power outlets that have been harmed by water sources (and repaired if necessary).

Can You See Smoke Or Smell Burning?

Burning smells are never good signs, especially when working with electricity. It’s critical to respond immediately if you smell burning near your power outlets, whether it’s rubber or burnt plastic. Burnt power outlets could indicate that something is burning inside the circuit.

A fire may start due to an unforeseen electrical surge. The same holds true if your power outlets are discolored or emitting smoke. A smoking power outlet should not be disregarded because it could be a warning sign of an impending electrical fire.

If you’ve seen this, turn off the electricity at the fuse box. Your electrics could be on fire for a variety of reasons.  Your wiring may be subject to damage because your circuits have been overloaded and utilized excessively, or it could be that your wiring and power outlets needed to be initially placed correctly. Whatever the cause, quick action is required to stop the damage from worsening and starting an electrical fire.


Call Power Source electrical immediately at 0895443899 or Request a Quote if any of the aforementioned ever happens. Please don’t hesitate to ask for our assistance. We will be happy to help you!

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