How to Select the Best under Cabinet Lighting for Your House

Anywhere you have cabinets; there is a chance that they will act as light blockers, preventing the counters beneath them from receiving the light they require for tasks like reading recipes or slicing vegetables.

Installing cabinet lights is one of the most incredible ways to ensure sufficient lighting where you need it.  Choosing the best option for you can be overwhelming, given the abundance of possibilities. Don’t worry; we’ll assist you in determining which lighting setup will suit your requirements and kitchen the best.

Various under Cabinet Lighting Styles

How to Select the Best under Cabinet Lighting for Your House
Under-cabinet lights come in various alternatives, much like other house lighting systems; some will work better in particular homes than others. Knowing what will work best for you and your house can help you avoid wasting time or money on installation.

Powered By a Battery

These lights come in various shapes, like strips or puck lighting for under cabinets; battery-powered under cabinet lighting offers many advantages. The main benefit is that you can install them just about anywhere. The batteries are another benefit that can equally be viewed as a disadvantage.

These lights are battery-operated, so they continue to function in the event of a power loss. However, batteries degrade, so you might not always have illumination available.

LED Under Cabinet Lighting That Is Hardwired

Hardwired lighting installed beneath your cabinet enables you to easily manage your lights by connecting them to a switch.

Since the wiring for a hardwired lighting system will connect to an existing circuit within the kitchen wall, hiding the wires is also simpler. The only issue with hardwired lighting is that professional installation is necessary. In contrast, most individuals can install battery-powered or plugin lights themselves. Therefore, to ensure that it is done correctly and safely, hardwired lighting installation must be done by a trained electrician.

Dimmable Led Under Cabinet Lights

If you already have a dimmer switch, you can use it to control your LED lights. Some have a remote control that you may use to dim and brighten your lights remotely. Integrating LED under cabinet lighting into an existing innovative home system is a significant benefit.

With this feature, you may remotely control your home’s lights while you’re away from it, using your voice to switch them on and off.

Under-Cabinet Lighting With A Plug

This option well-serve the balance between the battery-powered and hardwired illumination solutions. A plugin system can be employed everywhere you have access to an existing outlet. Additionally, you won’t have to bother buying new batteries.

You have lights as long as there is power. But with this choice, the lights will take a current outlet, and you could require that outlet for a countertop item.  Another choice is to increase the number of outlets in your kitchen (which is not a bad idea anyway).

How bright should the lighting under the cabinets be?

Depending on the sort of lights or bulbs you choose, brightness will vary (incandescent, halogen, LED, etc.)  For instance, a 38-watt incandescent bulb that generates 400 lumens should be sufficient under cabinets for most kitchen operations.

However, you can choose lesser lumens if the purpose of your under-cabinet lighting is essentially accent rather than utilitarian lighting.

Still, Have Questions About Cabinet Lighting?

Your kitchen’s under-cabinet lighting options can be both aesthetically beautiful and helpful. Your Power Source Electrical can help if you have any additional questions regarding the types of lighting that might be most effective in your kitchen.

Whether you want to talk about a hardwired solution or need more outlets. Our service specialists have the skills and expertise to do your task. Call us or make an appointment online right away to learn more.

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